MPOWER PRODUCTIONS, for which the ‘M’ stands for MOTIVATION, is a Unique, Inspirational, Innovative, Multi-faceted, Multimedia Motivational Educational Production and Entertainment Company!!! We specialize in providing an Exhilarating type of Educational Entertainment Experience that stimulates ALL of the senses and feeds the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul!!!

Our Objective and Focus is to Motivate and Empower Youth to:
  • Live their Dreams,
  • Achieve Success and,
  • Be of Service
It is MPOWER’s desire to promote World Love, Peace, Tolerance, Justice, Compassion, Equality and Unity!!! This enables youth to become ‘Self-Empowered’ in Every Area of Life - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Financially - Regardless of Age, Race, Gender, Color, Creed, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Social Status!!!

Furthermore, our aim and desire is to help youth establish a ‘Secure and Positive Sense of Self’, so they know their ‘Value and Worth.’ This allows them to discover their “Greatness” and “Power Within.” They will also understand that they Each have the ability to Harness that “Power" and utilize it to Execute Their Divine Life Mission!!! As a result, they are able to “LIVE” a Balanced, Healthy, Happy and Successful Life and achieve their “CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS”!!!

We define “CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS” as ‘Dreams that “Create and Perpetuate” a “Win-Win Situation” for All People by fulfilling the MPower ‘Big 3’ Championship Dreams Criteria:
  1. Benefits and Empowers One’s Self
  2. Benefits and Empowers Others
  3. Helps make the World a Better Place
MPower Productions has created a Cornerstone Program, consisting of an easily duplicated multimedia motivational Educational Curriculum called MPOWER BALLERS REACH TO TEACH MOTIVATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM (MPBRTT), created by Wendy A. Ward, MD.

MPBRTT uses a variety of "entertaining" platforms including Sports, Music, Technology and the Hip Hop/Pop Culture to "motivate, inspire and educate" Youth!!! It is built on the understanding that "it takes a village to raise a child", the desire to "even the playing field of opportunity" for EVERY child and the fact that ALL of us must contribute and do "our" part to "help" with the Empowerment Process of Youth so they can reach their 'Maximum Potential' and fulfill their "Divine Destiny"!!!

Ideally, in light of the severely diminished high school attendance rate, the ever increasing incarceration rate threatening to surpass the high school graduation rate, the bullying problem that is completely out of control and sabotaging our Youth on a daily basis, and our desire to ‘level the playing field of opportunity for realization of dreams and success’ for EVERY child, our goal is to see our curriculum and associated programs become mandatory government standards REQUIRED for EVERY school and institution of juvenile detention in our country!!!

As such, the curriculum would be readily available with unlimited access for school-age children and corresponding entities (elementary and secondary schools, After School Programs, Youth Programs, Camps, Foster Care Programs, Juvenile Detention Centers, etc. ) who seek an Effective, Fun, Innovative, Inspiring, Motivational, Safety Conscious, Community Service Minded Educational Experience that will:
  • POSITIVELY CHANGE the TRAJECTORY of that child's Life, so that child has every opportunity to:
    • Step Into Their Greatness
    • Reach Their Maximum Potential
    • Achieve 'Happiness, Their Dreams and Success' - allowing the Child to 'Fulfill their Divine Destiny'; and
    • MOTIVATE the Child to consciously seek to create a Socially Conscious 'win-win' situation for herself/himself and all those around her/him!!!
At MPOWER, we believe that Everyone has a Purpose in Life!!! Self-Empowerment helps us Recognize and Realize that Purpose, allowing each of us to Achieve our "Divine Mission"!!! This leads to "Inner" ‘Peace, Love and Happiness’ and Self-Satisfaction, which we believe are Key Factors, Major Precursors and Necessary Ingredients for establishing "World" Love, Peace, Tolerance and Unity!!!

Like the Motto of our Affiliated Not-For-Profit Corporation, TEACHING PEOPLE TO FISH (TPTF) states: “If You Give Someone A Fish, They Eat For A Day…but If You "Teach" Someone To Fish They Eat For A Lifetime”!!!

At MPOWER, we are committed to "Teaching People How To Fish"!!!


Wendy A. Ward, MD is a board certified anesthesiologist, who is also certified in acupuncture and reflexology. Dr. Ward believes “ye who receive many gifts of you much shall be required” and throughout the years, she’s used her gifts as a healer through her medical knowledge to help others. She is also a humanitarian, educator, motivational speaker/entertainer, author and creative writer, singer/songwriter, inventor and former Division I scholarship basketball player.

Since MPOWER PRODUCTIONS was founded, Dr. Ward has had the good fortune to use of her DIVINE TALENTS to empower youth and help promote positive change in our world!

Dr. Ward believes that the “roster of players” required to successfully ‘educate and empower' our youth must include EVERYONE. We ALL have the capacity to contribute and be "instrumental and vitally important “players” in reaching our Youth and "changing the trajectory" of their lives by pointing them in a positive productive direction!!! This will move humanity closer to achieving the ultimate goal of World love, peace, unity, justice, tolerance, compassion and equality!!!

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  1. MY DEFINITION OF THE ‘TRUE’ MEANING OF PERFECTION!!!: I’ve given up on trying to be Perfect because I’ve learned from experience that my ‘humanness’ makes it simply unattainable!!! I’ve ‘grown’ to realize what’s most important is ‘pureness of intention’ and I have learned to forgive myself for my occasional ‘ineptness of execution’!!! I now define ‘Perfection’ as ‘striving to ‘improve’ myself – not ‘prove’ myself and “doing my best to do my best and ‘be’ my best” not to impress anyone, but simply to make a positive difference in the lives of others and improve the world I live in by “being the change I want to see in the world.” (Gandhi) ~ Wendy A. Ward, MD
  2. Things turn out the best, for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. ~ John Wooden
  3. “Failure is not in the falling down. Failure is in the refusal to get up after you’ve fallen down.”
  4. “I have found that success is measured not so much by the position attained in life as by the obstacles which have been overcome in attaining that position.” ~ Booker T. Washington
  5. “Try not to become men of success. Rather, become men of value.” ~ Albert Einstein
  6. “For most people, lack of consistent, persistent effort is the biggest obstacle.” ~ Edgar Cayce
  7. “If you view every challenge you encounter as an opportunity for growth rather than a stumbling block of defeat, you will not only achieve great success, but will also have unshakable and eternal happiness and inner peace.” ~ Wendy A. Ward, MD
  8. “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.” ~ Dale Carnegie
  9. “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” ~ Bill Cosby
  10. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Gandhi
  11. “Adversity causes some to break…and others to break records.”
  12. “Everybody can be “great” because Anyone can serve” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  13. “It’s not how you start… it’s how you finish.”
  14. “KEYS TO PEACE: Communication, Empathy and Understanding, and the pointof view of others.” ~ Nelson Mandela
  15. “Disappointment is inevitable but Misery is optional.” ~ Joel Osteen
  16. “If you are “interested” in success, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you are “committed” to success, you’ll do what’s necessary” ~ John Assaraf
  17. “You “define” your circumstances – don’t let your circumstances “define” You” ~ Suze Orman
  18. “A BROKEN “VALUE” SYSTEM: “Value” of “Money & Material Things” has become more important than “Value” of “Self Worth & Service” causing destruction of ALL of our Systems.” ~ Wendy A. Ward, MD
  19. “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice EVERYWHERE” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  20. “Fame comes in a moment. Greatness comes with longevity.” ~ Pastor A. R. Bernard

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