MPOWER PRODUCTIONS, for which the ‘M’ stands for MOTIVATION, is a Unique, Inspirational, Innovative, Multi-faceted, Multimedia Motivational Educational Production and Entertainment Company!!! We specialize in providing an Exhilarating type of Educational Entertainment Experience that stimulates ALL of the senses and feeds the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul!!!

We believe EVERY human being deserves the opportunity to live the happy, healthy and fit life of purpose and realized dreams they were born to enjoy. At MPower, we seek to provide every child and young person with the opportunity to achieve these goals and be of service with our Cornerstone Program called the MPower Ballers Reach To Teach – Life Fitness Program and Consciousness Coaching (MPBRTT – LFP).

The MPBRTT – LFP is a simple, unique, tailor-made, innovative and exciting interactive multimedia program. It uses the fun platforms of Sports, Music, Entertainment, Technology and Hip Hop/Pop Culture to REACH youth so we can effectively TEACH them how to be happy and succeed by becoming healthy and fit in the following MPower ‘Super 7 Life Fitness’ Categories:

1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Emotional
4. Spiritual
5. Social
6. Professional
7. Financial

We motivate and inspire youth to adopt a positive ‘I am phenomenal – be you – do you – all things are possible’ attitude and mindset. Then we eMPower and prepare them for life by arming them with Life Fitness Skills so they can effectively manage and conquer life’s challenges and become optimally positioned for success. Ultimately, we help them step into their greatness, harness the power of their talents, gifts and Divine Natural Abilities (DNA) and reach their maximum potential to fulfill their divine purpose for which they were born ‘fully equipped’.

Each student learns how to elevate their consciousness and effectively shift their perspective so that they become eMPowered to HEAL from any life challenge in every aspect of their lives – past, present and ongoing – and FIT to fulfill their divine purpose, be of service and have fun as they travel along their path through the journey of life.

Ultimately, each student recognizes their value and understands that they possess everything they need to achieve their CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS which are defined as dreams that create a win-win by fulfilling the following MPower ‘Big 3’ CHAMPIONSHIP DREAM CRITERIA:

1. Benefits and empowers one’s self
2. Benefits and empowers others
3. Benefits the world and makes it a better place

We believe that as each person enjoys the satisfaction of accomplishing their CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS allowing them to contribute to society by sharing their unique important gifts and talents with humanity, they are able to recognize their value and significance, hence find inner ‘peace, love and joy’. As a result, the external manifestation of this positive inner landscape has the greatest potential to translate into the realization of a WORLD filled with love, peace, joy, justice, equality, compassion, tolerance and unity!!!

Like the famous quote and motto of our affiliated foundation TEACHING PEOPLE TO FISH (TPTF) states: “If you give someone a fish, they eat for a day…but if you teach someone to fish, they eat for a lifetime”!!!

At MPOWER, we are committed to “Teaching People How To Fish“!!!

Our Direct Approach

We offer services as a curriculum, workshop, lectures, keynotes and consciousness coaching for youth and students to arm them with Life Fitness Tools.

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Our Indirect Approach

We provide a model for educators to optimize their teaching methods and ensure that their subject matter is delivered from a practical life application perspective.

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