ABOUT   MPOWER BALLERS REACH TO TEACH – LIFE FITNESS PROGRAM & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING   (MPBRTT - LFP) 4f84d55d340322ae76eb84dc5a5f0cae   PROGRAM OVERVIEW The MPower Ballers Reach To Teach – Life Fitness Program & Consciousness Coaching (MPBRTT - LFP) is the unique, innovative, interactive, multimedia CORNERSTONE PROGRAM of MPOWER PRODUCTIONS!!! It uses a variety of fun and entertaining platforms including Sports, Music, Entertainment, Technology and the Hip Hop/Pop Culture to ‘Motivate, Educate and eMPower’ Youth, Inspiring Personal Positive Change and Success!!! We believe that the key to our success with the MPBRTT - LFP, is our ability to effectively REACH Youth by ‘speaking their language’ utilizing familiar platforms that ‘resonate with and matter’ to them. As a result, we are able to effectively TEACH them how to reach their maximum potential, ‘BE and achieve’ their personal best, realize their CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS and fulfill their divine purpose!!!   PROGRAM  APPROACH The MPBRTT - LFP provides the optimal educational experience for youth and students – as well as educators - by using the following DUAL APPROACH:   DIRECT APPROACH:  We offer our services DIRECTLY to youth and students as a curriculum, workshops, lectures, keynotes and/or consciousness coaching to arm them with Life Fitness Tools in the MPower ‘Super 7 Life Fitness’ Categories:
  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual
  5. Social
  6. Professional
  7. Financial
  INDIRECT APPROACH:  We offer our services INDIRECTLY to youth and students by TRAINING EDUCATORS to acquire our MPBRTT - LFP ‘teaching model and philosophy’. Fully understanding and learning how to effectively implement this ‘model and philosophy’ eMPowers Educators to optimize their teaching methods as follows:
  • Each Educator learns how to optimally engage their own talents and passion for their subject matter and effectively translate that enthusiasm to capture the attention of their students and create interest in the subject…REACH the students.
  • Once the students are energetically engaged, the Educator learns how to optimally deliver the subject matter in an exciting manner from a practical life skills application perspective….TEACH the students
  PROGRAM  TOPICS The TOPICS we select for the MPBRTT – LFP assist us with achieving the GOAL of ‘eMPowering  and arming’ youth with the necessary Life Fitness Skills to proudly and confidently ‘BE’ who they are, overcome any challenges they encounter and effectively manage their lives so they can move productively forward to find happiness, achieve success and realize their CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS.   The following are some of the topics addressed, discussed and utilized in the MPBRTT – LFP: 
  • How to Realize Dreams, Achieve Success and Find Happiness
  • Stress & Crisis Management and Coping Skills
  • Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution
  • How to  Achieve Total Health & Fitness – Body, Mind & Spirit - in the MPower ‘Super 7’ Health and Fitness Success Categories’ (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Professional and Financial)
  • Team Building and Development of Mastermind Groups
  • Creative Empowerment (Music, Arts, Entertainment, etc.)
  • Holistic Empowerment (Mediation, Creative Visualization, Affirmations, etc.)
  • Post-Program / Post High School Graduation Success Tools (College, Trade Schools, Employment, etc.)
  The results of employing these topics include helping the students achieve the following:  
  1. Be authentic
  2. Develop Self-Worth and Confidence
  3. ‘Discover, embrace, value and constructively utilize’ their talents, gifts and Divine Natural Abilities (DNA)
  4. Develop Compassion and Tolerance
  5. Learn practical life skills
  PROGRAM  ACTIVITIES The following is a list of some of the activities, projects and programs included in the MPBRTT – LFP to fortify the acquisition utilization and application of Life Fitness Skills:
  1. Community Service
  2. Mentorship & Career Development
  3. Multimedia Arts & Entertainment
  4. Holistic Empowerment
  5. Redefining the Value System (Modeling how VALUE OF SELF-WORTH & SERVICE is more important, more beneficial and ultimately more profitable than VALUE OF MONEY & MATERIAL THINGS)
  1. School Age Youth (Primarily Grades 6 – 12)
  2. Male
  3. Female
  4. All Levels of Academic Ability
  5. All Inclusive Regardless of Age, Race, Gender, Color, Creed, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Social/Economic Status
  1. All levels of experience
  2. Any area or subject of expertise
  1. Schools
  2. After-School Programs
  3. Youth Programs
  4. Camps
  5. Foster Care Programs
  6. Juvenile Detention Centers
PROGRAM   SIGNATURE EMPOWERMENT SERIES:     CPR (Continuous Positive Reinforcement) for EMPOWERMENT CPR (Continuous Positive Reinforcement) for EMPOWERMENT is “The Official MPOWER BALLERS REACH TO TEACH – LFP (MPBRTT – LFP) Multimedia Empowerment Series”. It is the signature vehicle for the creative, entertainment and educational content for MPOWER PRODUCTIONS.   FEE FOR SERVICES:   Fees determined based on Consultation and assessment of needs

Our Direct Approach

We offer services as a curriculum, workshop, lectures, keynotes and consciousness coaching for youth and students to arm them with Life Fitness Tools.

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Our Indirect Approach

We provide a model for educators to optimize their teaching methods and ensure that their subject matter is delivered from a practical life application perspective.

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