Written By Wendy A. Ward, MD

© 2008



They say that the children are our future. We are the children, so we are the future, but not just any future. We are the “bright” future! We are the “positive” future! A future with a world filled with love, joy, happiness, unity and peace for, among and between all people. We realize to have this future “I” must be the change I want to see in the world. “Being the change” starts with me acquiring and maintaining positive thoughts and feelings about myself. It starts TODAY and it starts NOW with my “New Pledge of Allegiance”.



      I am a fearless Gladiator for Self-Empowerment and Peace! I am special, beautiful, talented and unique. I have everything I need to succeed and fulfill all of my dreams. Anything I put my mind to I can accomplish within the realm of my divine talent and my divine destiny. As a result, I am totally secure in who I am and confident in all of my abilities. I never compare myself to others because I’m perfectly equipped to run my own race and succeed. Equally, I never judge or criticize others for they are perfectly equipped to run their own race and succeed. I know that all of the resources I will need to achieve my dreams and step into my greatness are infinite and available. As long as I work hard, work smart, remain determined and resilient, never quit and have faith, when it is “my” time to achieve “my” dreams, it is done! Therefore, I am never jealous, envious nor threatened by the success of others and always applaud the success of others. In fact, I always look for opportunities to inspire, encourage and help others achieve their dreams and step into their greatness. I have learned that the easiest, quickest and best way for me to achieve and succeed is to help others achieve and succeed.

      I am a fearless Gladiator for Self-Empowerment and Peace! I am always conscious to humbly shine only the beautiful, radiant and brilliant light of my spirit within and never let my negative, destructive, boastful ego express itself or harm others in any way, shape or form.

      I am a fearless Gladiator for Self-Empowerment and Peace! I love myself and I encourage others to love themselves. This way, we are free to love each other. I keep my thoughts, words and actions pure and positive. I always treat myself and others with love, respect, kindness, compassion and consideration. I remain open to willingly receive love, respect, kindness, compassion and consideration, because I am worthy and deserve to receive these things.

I am a fearless Gladiator for Self-Empowerment and Peace! I am a powerful being! I am so powerful, I never have to use violence to express myself. Violence in word or in deed, is a true sign of insecurity, weakness, fear and cowardice. I express “true” power by only using the power of my mind and my spirit, not to control others, but to share my “light” with them and encourage them to share their “light” with me. I never diminish, demean or harm others, for if I do so, I only diminish, demean and harm myself. I love and accept all people for who they are regardless of their age, gender, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, economic or social status or religion. I choose to see the unique beauty in all people and never feel threatened by other people’s differences. I am totally comfortable and secure to let you be you and let me be me.

I am a fearless Gladiator for Self-Empowerment and Peace! I choose to always be happy, joyful and peaceful inside, no matter what circumstances exist outside of me. I am able to accomplish this because I know that being happy, joyful and peaceful is a choice. It’s my choice! No one and nothing can steal my joy, happiness and peace unless I agree to it and allow it. I choose to keep my “inner” landscape positive, beautiful, loving, happy, joyful and peaceful and by my example, I encourage others to adopt the same landscape. I know once we are all able to achieve “inner” love, joy, happiness and peace, we will have “outer” love, joy, happiness and peace everywhere in our world!

I am a fearless Gladiator of Self-Empowerment and Peace! I believe if I can conceive it, believe it and see it, I can achieve it!!! So, I boldly declare that there IS world love, there IS world joy, there IS world happiness, there IS unity and there IS world peace, because I AM “the change I want to see in the world”!


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